Meet Loab

Yes, I do believe this is demonic. Although less likely a specific demon and more probably along the lines of Ouija Boards, it’s an open invitation for any passing demon to try and mess with you.

Procedurally generated art (by “A.I.”, although it’s really not) I don’t believe is demonic – it’s just a tool. But it’s a tool that lets us easily indulge creative fantasies and desires, and that’s where the danger lies.

God’s Sense Of Humor

Twice now in the past few years I’ve had God answer prayer requests with the exact same sense of humor that I often respond to coworkers’ requests with: one prayer request was for our car to make it through the holidays without breaking down. It broke down on January 2, while driving to work. More recently, I had a prayer request that God would make an upcoming job change apparent for his choice for me — and I have never experienced so many technical glitches, calendar conflicts, and dropped meetings as when interviewing the last few months.

I love that God not only cares about me, but relates to me with a personal touch that shows he knows me through and through.

You Can’t Unsee It

I am finding it remarkable how much the demonic has suddenly gone from covert to overt. The left is openly embracing satanism, and while society collapses all around us on so many practical levels, suddenly the most important issue is openly sexualizing children, taking them to drag bars, and celebrating drag queens. And with the open embrace of the satanic, one starts to see so many characteristics among those who have fully embraced it that you start to pick up the whiff of it among so many others…

Christians are called to bring the fragrance of Christ with them wherever they go. The opposite side also has a fragrance for those who can smell it…

Why God’s Call For Our Worship Does Not Make Him A Narcissist

Several months ago the thought occurred to me that it was odd that we were called to worship God. If I could create a universe, I have no desire for it to worship me. In some ways, God’s call for our worship makes God seem narcissistic. But the reason why it is not is when we look at the broader picture:

God is the perfect embodiment of everything good, including beauty. The universe isn’t created just to be off on its own – look at it like a piece of jewelry – God is the perfect gemstone, with the universe created as a beautiful setting – it is all meant to point to and reflect off of his beauty. Or perhaps view God and the universe like a winning dish on a certain episode of Top Chef – the challenge was to cook an elevated dish that starred brisket barbecue. Brisket is delicious and amazing on it’s own, and the dish that won didn’t try and overshadow the brisket, but everything in it highlighted and echoed different aspects of the brisket, showing it off in new and unique ways.

Modern Day Prophecies

I tend to believe that usually prophecies are generally more personal in scope, intended for the individual and the current moment. And that those with the gift of prophecy are rare – or at least those who exercise it properly are. And I’m exceptionally skeptical of most prophets I ever see on TV or the internet – or at least skeptical of how people interpret their prophecies.

Some of the more politically enthusiastic Christians I know pointed me towards videos of Kim Clement. And his prophecies were spot on about world events – and not all of them have yet come to pass. We’re in the middle of them. Although I do think that many who have viewed these prophecies are making the mistake of thinking that just because God is moving pieces on the board that those pieces are purely holy and righteous. Look to the old testament – God used the Babylonians, Egyptians, and all of the other nations whom he described as despicable.