The bible’s most repeated command is “do not be afraid”.

This has been a crazy year. And in the first few weeks when everything was in a fog-of-war situation there was a lot more justification for being cautious about…just about everything. But it pretty quickly became obvious that this entire pandemic was being sensationalized, and politicized. And unfortunately I’ve seen all too many people – and many of them Christians – who are absolutely terrified, and living as if they could be stricken down at any time. Even if that were true with this disease – and unless you’re in a few very specific demographics and have multiple comorbidities (not just asthma) it’s simply not – you should not be afraid. God is in control. That doesn’t mean be reckless for no reason, but throughout history Christians have often done things that the world considers reckless. To be a Christian is to understand that death is not to be feared.

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