I tend to believe that usually prophecies are generally more personal in scope, intended for the individual and the current moment. And that those with the gift of prophecy are rare – or at least those who exercise it properly are. And I’m exceptionally skeptical of most prophets I ever see on TV or the internet – or at least skeptical of how people interpret their prophecies.

Some of the more politically enthusiastic Christians I know pointed me towards videos of Kim Clement. And his prophecies were spot on about world events – and not all of them have yet come to pass. We’re in the middle of them. Although I do think that many who have viewed these prophecies are making the mistake of thinking that just because God is moving pieces on the board that those pieces are purely holy and righteous. Look to the old testament – God used the Babylonians, Egyptians, and all of the other nations whom he described as despicable.

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